Positive Women For Change (PW4C) is a nonprofit providing coaching services to underserved women who have faced adversity and financial disarray.

"My experience with Positive Women for Change inspired me to never give up. While taking part in the program I was challenged to think about what I needed to do for myself to create change. At times, life's challenges create a dark cloud in your mind so it becomes difficult to think about improving yourself. Thanks to PW4C, I was able to redirect my focus, meet goals, and reactivate the confidence I thought I had lost in myself. Moving forward, it is my goal to continue encouraging myself to be the best that I can be, use my challenges to push me forward and mostly importantly stay positive.” Sherri

“The reason why I feel this program is educational because it is up lifting and powerful to encourage yourself to feel comfortable and help you balance everyday life, how to cope and speak up and help other women in the community to set goals to keep you current and control your living expenses. Achieve your goals and staying positive Thanks for helping us.” Dornela

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